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Out January 2017, "Homemade" is the first album of Burn The Boats, the solo music project of singer, songwriter Ben L.

​"Homemade"' is an assortment of 10 original tracks slowly cooked in Burn the Boats' bittersweet pop sauce.

In this first opus, the finest ingredients have been carefully selected to offer a unique mix of crispy yet mellow sounds designed to ravish true music gourmets.


The result is a rich and colorful, 100% cholesterol free composition that will stay with you for a while and summon deep feelings of love, nostalgia and hope.


Disclaimer:  Some of these songs are likely to produce an uncanny desire to hit a scenic American road at sunset.   



Ibrahima, Taxi Driver, Senegal  

Yeah...I guess it's OK for a white boy but I prefer Youssou Ndour to be honest, he's more mystical

Every night I pray the holy Ganesh to give success to Mr. The boat so that he can record in a real studio and stop making loud noises when I try to sleep!  

Suresh, Neighbor & fan, UAE

Mom, Mother,


My sweet Benji is a very special boy. I love that he decided to cover The Beatles in his first album.

Burn the BOATS

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